Googie Modern Etched Boomerang cocktail table is an original design, inspired by Mid-century Modern patterns, etched onto birch plywood with a clear finish. Natural imperfections and slight color variations add to the beauty. The Jetson-inspired base is constructed of hand-painted Maple-plywood providing a cool groove.


It’s important to keep in mind that wood materials were once trees; breathing organisms that worked to survive. Every burl, knot, or mineral streak is a testament to a tree’s life and the years it lived through. Natural imperfections in the wood create character and make each piece as unique as the tree it came from. And we inspect each board and choose the prettiest wood. 


The table comes fully assembled and there's only one of these available so get it now!

Our furniture is a contemporary interpretation of the Mid Century Modern style know as Googie. Furniture and design from this period are also often referred to as "Atomic", "Retro", "Populuxe", "Jetsonian", and was inspired both by the space age and the burgeoning car culture of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Old Blue Eyes would approve.

Comes fully assembled.

Laser-Etched Maple Boomerang Cocktail Side Accent Table

  • Materials

    • Laser-Etched Maple Plywood
    • Hand-Painted Maple-Ply Base


    • Height: 17 Inches
    • Width: 19 Inches
    • Depth: 24 Inches