Swank Music

Here is our reason to dance! Crank up the Hi-Fi (or Spoti-Fi), mix up some Martinis and kick back to some swinging cats and cool chicks. Dig that crazy beat!

The Most Well-Known Example of Googie Style Music— The Jetsons (Youtube) Listen to this amazing opener and hear an interview with Hoyt Curtin, composer of the theme. And if it’s been a while since you watched The Jetsons (maybe you’ve never watched it?), this could be the day. Drive carefully. Traffic is thicker than a cloud of meteors today.

Googie Modern Playlist (Spotify) We’ve put together a hip mix to get into a groove. If you enjoy this type of music, here are the essential songs you ought to listen to. We have Frank, Dean, Ella, Nina, Chet, Miles — all the greats!

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Wave (YouTube)

ACJ, as we call him, was a primary force behind the creation of the bossa nova style, a fusion of Brazilian Samba and Jazz. Classic 60's music from the magical era when the gentle sound of Brazil seduced the world. Listen now. You can thank me later.

Esquivel! Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Wikipedia) Needing only a mononym (with the addition of an !), Esquivel! is considered the king of a style of late 1950s-early 1960s quirky instrumental pop known today as lounge music. If you know Googie, you have heard this music. Listen on Youtube here or here.