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Pour yourself a dry gin Martini, create a Rat-pack playlist for tunes, kick back and enjoy these great Googie and Mid-Century Modern resources for your entertainment and educational pleasure. Cheers!

PaleoFuture I

Great blog by Matt Novak who writes about the “history of the future”, broken down by decades. The section is so binge-watching worthy, it might take over your obsession with Pinterest. We’re calling this “Paleofuture (I)” because this is his old blog at See “Paleofuture (II)” below for Matt’s current blog.

PaleoFuture II

This is Matt Novak’s current version of the Paleofuture blog which we’re calling Paleofuture (II) to distinguish it from the previous version and is about a much broader range of subject matter than just retro-futurism, or what Matt calls “the history of the future.” We can’t relate to it as much as the original blog but there’s still a lot of good retro stuff here, like the article “The Motorized Scooter of 1959 Was Cool as Hell.” Still worth a look-see so check it out: paleofuture.gizmodo.

Googie Carwash

If awards were given for the Googiest Website, Googie Carwash would be our number one pick. In fact, we are going to create that award just to show them some love. The colors, graphics, and additional links are sheer joy. Don’t miss the History link, a lot of great reading. If you are in LA, and someone has scribbled WASH ME on your windshield, take the hint and make a beeline to Googie Carwash. It is not your standard carwash. It’s an opportunity to relive and bask in the glory days of Googie.

Ultra Swank

Ultra Swank is a magazine styled blog that puts you into the way-back machine to the kitsch, chic, swank and camp living of the 1940s – 1970s. Retro decor? Check. Vintage Las Vegas – The Original Cloud Cuckoo Land? Check. Lounge Lotharios? Check. No, uncheck! What? Did we hit your curiosity cortex?

House of Googie

A true Googiephile site. Who wouldn't want to live here? Aye, we do! The House of Googie, built by an Aussie mate (grab some vegemite, some cute little toasts, and a Boobialla Australian martini), shares advertisements (which are always fun to read), photographs, music, and videos. Tagline: "Sometimes sarcastic! Always nostalgic!" Allow yourself to get lost here. Go on a virtual Walkabout.

LA's Remaining Googie Buildings

Many of southern California’s classic Googies have been demolished, but here are over a dozen that have managed to elude the wrecking ball. (Wallpaper)

Route 66 Motor Court Signage

The golden age of travel along Route 66, the Mother Road, brought with it a slew of motor courts; one-story motels adorned with fantastic, Googie-style neon, many going with western themes. Taking a road trip on Route 66 is a picturesque journey where you can still see some of this roadside architecture or the ruins of lost landmarks.

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Raygun Gothic

What a great term! Also called retro-futurism, everything was slick and streamlined, with geometric shapes and clean parallel lines constructed of shiny metal and glass, lit prominently by neon. Things that used to be someone's idea of futuristic are now dated and zeerust (great Scrabble word. You WILL be challenged by Symantha!). But, we think they are still really cool. (Steampunk Opera)

The Complete Works of Oscar Niemeyer

One of the greatest architects in Brazil's history, and one of the "preeminents' of the world modernist movement, Neimeyer designed over 500 works in a prolific portfolio of architecture, furniture, and design. Put on The Girl from Ipanema and stroll a mind-beach .(Arch Daily)

John Lautner’s Palm Springs Connection

Most of Lautner’s designs (over 200!) were in LA but he created 3 beautiful buildings in the desert that are worth seeing. Sigh! (Curbed LA)

Retro Food (Incorrectly) Predicted the Future

Food had a tie between the Space Age of the '60s and pop culture. The preoccupation with space travel and the future inspired companies to invent nonfood. Like Space Food Sticks, the granddaddy of energy bars, or TANG, the neon drink for space dudes. (Eater)

40 Visions Of The Future World According To Arthur Radebaugh

You have to see these gorgeous illustrations. A lot of Radebaugh's visions found fruition like electric cars, factory farms, and faux-meat. We're still looking for Jet-pack mailmen, and changing your car color at will via an “electromagnetic gun”. (Designyoutrust)

181 Arthur Radebaugh Pins

Let's kick it up, Radebaugh style! We cannot get enough of his art so here are 141 more visions from the Golden Age of Futurism when good times beckoned. (Pinterest)

Incredible Googie Architecture Across America

A lot of the usual suspects are shown but this slide show gives an eyeful of some real Googie goodness. (Travel Channel)

Why Won’t Midcentury Design Die?

“It’s like camouflage: It’s been the new cool thing five times in the last 50 years.” (NYTimes)

Googie: Architecture of the Space Age

Architecture critic Douglas Haskell was an advocate of modernism but he was no fan of Googie style. In fact, he detested it. (Smithsonian)


A new Sushi restaurant? A texting acronym? Neither! It stands for DOcumentation and COnservation of the MOdern MOvement. (DoCoMoMo)

Googie Architecture: Futurism Through Modernism

Coffee shops, gas stations, and fast food venues used Googie design as a marketing tool, bringing customers through its doors. Fact: A ‘Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato’ was unheard of. Lordy! How did people survive? (ArchDaily)

Googie Architecture

Too many texts and not much time to read? Become a Googie expert and read a summarized history. Seriously, it is really short. Just read it. (Wikipedia)

Googie Architecture: Why Motel Look Like U.F.O.’S

In a world, when hotels were much more than a humdrum room and with an equally, boring continental breakfast, Googie motels offered a unique experience through each motel’s unique theme. A visual party at every turn! (Travel with Giles)

Googie and Tiki Architecture in America

A refreshing Mai Tai anyone? Yes, please! Hey, make a vat-o-them! Who could dislike a style that conjures up images of rum drinks on a beach with a wooden Polynesian god? Paul Gauguin moved there to escape. And drink a lot of Mai Tais. (ThoughtCo)

5 of the Best Googie Buildings in L.A.

A short countdown of the Big 5. Drumroll, please, and the number one Googie building still standing in L.A. is… (Architectural Digest)

Got Googie? Give Your Ranch That Space-Age Flair

Is it time to make your pad look as though a cool adult lives there? Throw out gramma’s plaid sofa and get all ginchy on yourself! Have no fear, you can do it. Ok, don't cry, we'll let you keep her crocheted afghan to be handed down as a family legacy. (Atomic Ranch)

Retro Road Trip: A True Googie Icon, The Covina Bowl

You’ve heard, ‘If you love something, let it go’. Well, the person who said that was kookoo-town. If you love something, grab it and hang on for dear life. If you appreciate Googie style, help to preserve it. (Atomic Ranch)

In Celebration of Space Age Style

Tracking Googie ghosts in the Mile High City (that's 1609.34 meters for the metric folk out there). We didn't even know ghosts could fly that high. (The Denver Post)

5 Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern and Googie are related styles but there are distinct differences. Read this and cultivate your Jeopardy skills. And the answer is, ‘He designed Googie’s Coffee Shop’. ‘Who was…’ (Iris Abbey)

Modern Architecture Is Cool: Googie Architecture