A Collection of Googie Videos

Have fun watching these retro videos, documentaries, and movies from the mid 20th Century.

Cars of the Future (1948)

This short was released theatrically in 1948 and featured streamlined marvels on wheels. This was the automotive future.

Disney’s Magic Highway, U.S.A. (1958)

From Paleo-Future, this video shows a vision of integrating tomorrow’s well-planned living with the highway system. With no driving responsibilities (driverless cars), families simply relax together.

Googie Architecture in Los Angeles Part 1

As America entered the Atomic age, Architecture took a turn to the future.

Googie Architecture in Los Angeles Part 2

By 1968, people started to tire of futuristic design and went back to more comfortable mansard roofs ‘creating a monotonous sea of oatmeal’ . “The only sin is mediocrity.” ― Martha Graham

Victor Newlove on Googie Architecture (Modern Architecture in Los Angeles)

Architect Victor Newlove, of Armet Davis Newlove and Associates, speaks about the term “Googie,” the history of his firm, and their design of whimsical restaurants such as Norms, which looked like a car showroom with booths resembling bucket seats.

Wildwood Doo Wop- Googie Architecture Video

We’re “going down the shore” to see some of the Mid- Century architecture and neon signage still visible in Wildwood, NJ. And you won’t have to brave the infamous Jersey jughandles.

Building Boise: The 1950s Video

Idaho used to get a bad rap as Mr. Potato Head’s hood, but Boise, now a hip, rockin’ city, jumped on the Mid-century modern train and rode it hard to give us some amazing examples of mid-century gems than can still be seen today. Be a couch potato and watch some Idahoan retro-charm.

Googie Style 4K by Michael Pacitti

By now, you all know it all started with a little coffee shop in LA called “Googies’. Another great little video of Googie history.

Closer Than We Think Documentary

A documentary about the art and life of futurist imagineer Arthur Radebaugh, the visionary artist behind Closer Than We Think, a comic strip about a happy, shiny Utopian future. Rent it on Vimeo for $3.99 or watch the trailer>. Also, The Legacy of Radebaugh is a good introduction to our unsung hero.

Brian Eno Is A Cartoon Prophet In Steelism’s ‘Eno Nothing’ Video

Does anyone know that Brian Eno was in the band Roxy Music? “Who?” you ask. Never mind. Let's move on. This animated video is equal parts Star Wars, The Jetsons, and The Twilight Zone, and the music has a steady groove that will keep your head nodding. Is it really Googie? Probably not, but it’s very cool and this is our blog so there ya go. Enjoy.

Googie Architecture - Googie A-Go-Go

Pull up a cantilevered stool, order a malt and listen to the LA Meekly podcast as they delve into our favorite style. We are the experts and even we learned something new.

The Swim

This video shows you what may be one of the most fun dances of the 1960s. The Swim originated from singer Bobby Freeman’s 1964 hit “C’mon and Swim.” Retro fact: the song was produced by the young Sly Stone (known then as Sylvester Stewart). Great cast-o-characters having a good time. We love the outfits most of all.

Building a Googie-style Sign

Trust me on this one. Wesley Treat can make anything! Builder, designer, electrician, welder. He uses all of his one million skills to build this beautiful sign for a trailer motel.

Bugs Bunny

Warner Brothers made Albuquerque a household name! I knew I shoulda taken dat left toin in Albakoikie!

The obsession with mid-century furniture design, explained

So why has mid-century design been so popular for so long? Krista Hessey explains.

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