Mid-Century Modern. Populux. Atomic. Raygun Gothic. 

The Googie Modern Blog

What is Googie?


Originating from Southern California in the late 1940s and continuing approximately into the mid-1960s, Googie, also known as Populuxe, is a sub-style of futurist architecture and design influenced by car culture and the Space Age. Cantilevered roofs, starbursts, and hard angles are all themes in Googie architecture.

Iconic Modern and Googie Architecture

Some amazing architectural achievements that have influenced our work

Googie is an architectural style that zoomed into style in the 1950s and 1960s, mostly in the form of dining establishments with bold boomerang angles, undulating atomic shapes, and signs shaped like rocket ships. These unique structures are quickly vanishing but here are a few of the remaining examples of this fabulous, wild, wacky style that deserves preservation and respect for originality and we have some of the grandest “Googies” to show you.

A Collection of Googie Videos

We know we do not have to twist your arm to encourage you to watch a video. Probably the opposite. We have a growing list of Googie-related videos that you can binge-watch in an evening. Grab some popcorn and get comfy. You are going to be here awhile.

Googie Reads


We’ve done it for you. You’re welcome. We’ve compiled a directory of architecture, visionaries, design tools, and information you need to dig deeper into everything Googie-related. If you find a resource that we missed, send us a link and we will gratefully add it to the ever-expanding list. Make a Boulevardier (see Classic Cocktails, below) and melt into a womb chair or your dad's La-Z-Boy. There is a lot of great material to be read. 

Swank Music


There was a time when nobody laughed at lounge music. It was the ultimate in cool. We know you're groovy, baby, so we compiled a list of bossa nova/spy/jazz/ultra/mambo lounge music from our favorite era to inspire you to put on your retro Cuban bowling shirt and vibe with us. 

Classic Cocktails Recipes


Sazerac, anyone? A deep dive into timeless cocktail recipesthat every drinker should try (along with some family memories). Master these swanky drinks and the world is your oyster. Or, in this case, your olive! Don Draper would approve and not judge you for having three martinis at lunch.